180 Days of Blogging
I'm @mgolding on Twitter. Do you write or read at least one 180 blog? I'd love your feedback for a presentation I'm giving at the Georgia Independent Schools Association annual conference on Nov 2, 2015. Your participation in this survey is permission to Megan Hayes-Golding to use your response data in aggregate as well as quote you.
What kind of interaction do you have with 180 blogs?
What does 180 blogging do for you that full-length blogging doesn't?
alternately: in what ways is 180 blogging better than full-length blogs? why not just start one of those?
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Have you tried 180 blogging and failed? If so, what do you blame it on and how would you advise a newbie to avoid your mistake?
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Who are you? Twitter ID or email, please.
like all questions, this is optional
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If you 180 blog, what platform do you use to create your 180 blog?
If you 180 blog, do you have tips for someone just starting at publishing a 180 blog? If so, what?
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Who does 180 blogging best?
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