Membership Card Request Form
Membership Cards are the property of Kent Gardens Recreation Club and are not transferable. Cards are subject to a replacement fee if lost or stolen. Please use the form below to request replacement cards.
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You will only be issued cards for your current membership type. Please do not use this form to order a new Resident Relative / Caregiver card, only a replacement one if you have purchased that option for the season.
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Membership cards are only issued to family members age 11 or older.
Which cards numbers, if any, do you still have in your possession? *
Old cards must be deactivated before new cards can be issued so we need to know which cards you still have. If you need to replace all your cards, please enter "None" below.
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I understand that replacement cards are subject to a replacement fee. I will be notified when the cards are issued and are available for pick-up at the Front Desk. Cards will be delivered upon receipt of payment.
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