Sorry You Missed-Hammer2016 YLS
Makeup Assignment: Due 11/12/16

In order to remain in good standing with the C5 Youth Foundation for your Hammer year, it is imperative that you make up any information/materials that were covered at the Pathway event you missed. We understand that you may have other commitments that kept you from attending the event on Youth Leadership Summit on September 17, 2016. However, in order to maintain your commitment to C5, you must complete the “assignment” below and return it to the C5 office by November 12, 2016 in order to attend your next pathway event.

Our 7th Annual Youth Leadership Summit was a great event. Not only because it gave all youth (Flints to Medallions) a chance to come together and network, but because of the informative class-specific sessions.
At the summit your Hammer class attended 2 sessions:

This past summer, our Hammers faced challenges and conquered their fears in the wilderness, and mastered leadership skills along the way. In this session, they will take time to reflect upon their experiences and translate what they learned to the next metaphorical wilderness: the college campus.

C5 Georgia believes in empowering our students to take charge of their future. In this session, Hammer students will work in groups to begin planning their Road to College tour. Each group will decide the best route to take and schools to visit, but there can be only one Road to College.

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What skills did you learn or use during your time in the backcountry that will be needed for a successful college tour? *
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