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Little Stars - Pre-School Students
Our Little Stars classes are designed for students the year before they are about to start school.  Therefore, currently when a space becomes available, we will only be able to offer places to dancers who are starting school in September 2022.

Special classes for pre-school dancers to help develop their confidence and understanding of a variety of dance styles whilst having lots of fun and burning lots of energy!

Interactive Play, Ballet, Modern, Street Dance, Tap and Singing.

Little Stars will perform in an annual show and take their end of year Trophy.

Little Stars - Pre-School Students *
Dance and Shine (Reception to Yr 6) **** Dance and Show (Yr 7+)
There are two elements to this fun fast paced lesson.  

The first section works on developing training and syllabus' for trophies/examinations in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz and Tap.  

The second element studies a wide variety of dance and performing arts styles.

Throughout the year students in these classes will be entered for their trophies/examinations and perform in shows.

The classes are taught to the students in their year groups.
Debut Dance and Shine for Reception Students *
Encore Dance and Shine for Year 1 Students *
Preparatory Dance and Shine for Year 2 Students *
Primary Dance and Shine for Year 3 Students *
Intro Dance and Shine for Year 4 Students *
Finale Dance and Shine for Year 5 Students *
Crystal Dance and Shine for Year 6 Students *
Dance and Show Yr 7+ and based on experience and previous exams *
Performing Arts
An action-packed lesson concentrating on three exciting aspects of performing arts – Singing, Musical Theatre and Drama.  

Students in these classes will work towards their Performing Arts Trophies and an annual performance at a local theatre.
Performing Arts (A Mixture of Drama, Singing and Musical Theatre) *
An explosive class designed to push you to be the best you can be.  

We will work on your flexibility, stamina and strength and many dance disciplines plus other areas of performing.

 Masterclass aims to develop key skills with you and explore your individual style and attributes and give you an insight into the professional world of dance and performing arts training.

You need to attend a dance and shine/show class at Unit 17 to be able to join Master Class.
Masterclass *
Adult Modern
A relaxed and social class aiming to make you supple, strong and stylish!
Adult Classes (17yrs+)
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