Photo-Reading Room

Thanks for your interest in applying for ‘Photo-Reading Room’!

This event is an opportunity for image-makers of all levels and practices to present their selection of works to a representative from overseas photography organizations for feedback and advice. Each participant will have 20 minutes of 1-on-1 time and are encouraged to showcase their confidence and pitch in regards to their works, as well as ask questions related to their image-making practice for guidance and new perspectives.

Please note that the event is conducted in English.

Date: 22.10.2023 (Sun)
Time: 16:30 onwards
Venue: Music Room, 4/F, Eaton HK

If selected, applicants will be assigned a specific time slot. Participants must make a deposit as indicated and attend the session on time or risk losing their slot as no make-up session will be allowed.

Deadline for application: 21 October 2023 15:00 HKT

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Portfolio, CV and/or Website Link(s)
Please upload a link / low-res PDF in preview of the works/body of work you intend to show if available.
Please indicate your preference in which facilitator you'd like to meet (with 1 as first priority).
Your preference will be taken into consideration only and does not represent any obligation from the facilitators or HKIPF.
Chelsea Chua
Ha Dao
Jessica Lim
Elias Redstone
Pahparn Sirima
Liang-Pin Tsao
Please note that the presentation of your works must be individual images or collages in print or in the form of physical copies to facilitate an earnest image-reading process.

To ensure a safe and accepting environment for people to engage with photography and exchanges, we ask all participants to respect the facilitators, fellow participants and the HKIPF team and staff by conducting yourself in a professional manner; please exchange thoughts and ideas in a constructive and polite way, and be ready to adhere to the assigned facilitator and time slots.

We believe in the originality of all works shown and produced by every participant; in case of disputes over copyright infringement or claims for damages by a third party, the participant is solely responsible for resolving the dispute.

HKIPF reserves the right to exclude participants from the event if the participant's conduct is unreasonable or questionable.

I have read and understood the above requirement and terms of participation.
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