Activities Using Songs in the English Class
October 3 - Saturday - 2:30 to 4:30 pm (Brasília Standard Time / GMT - 3 hours)
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Workshop description
Using songs in class is a powerful tool to help students learn English. Songs are a great source of authentic language. They can help bridge the gap between classroom English and “real world” English. They can help promote a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere in the classroom, which makes students learn without realizing they are learning.
By selecting song segments that present specific grammar points or highlight vocabulary and having students sing them, teachers work on repetition of the target structures in a fun and very effective way.
In this hands-on workshop you will learn several activities that can be done using songs to teach grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I’m going to show you how you can find songs with specific grammar points and suggest and try some activities that can be created based on the songs.
Because students don’t always like the same kind of songs the teacher does, teachers can encourage them to find songs that they like that contain the target structures. I’m going to show you how to do that, too.
This is a very active workshop! You’ll sing and dance along as you are exposed to different ways of using songs in a way that is both educational and original.
At the end of the workshop, you will have a repertoire of activities that you can use in your next classes and you’ll also be able to develop your own activities.
Tutor - Carlos Gontow
Hi, I'm Carlos Gontow.
I am an English teacher, writer, actor and teacher trainer. I have had 33 years of experience teaching children, teenagers and adults. I've also been teaching online for about 8 years.
I'm involved with teaching English using the arts - music, theater, and storytelling for example. I also enjoy teaching using games.
I'm the author of the books “The Classroom is a Stage – 40 Short Plays for English Students,” “101 Dicas Para Você Aprender Inglês Com Sucesso,” “Aprenda Inglês Cantando e Aprenda a Cantar em Inglês” and “Você Consegue Aprender o que Quiser,” all published by DISAL.
I'm also the author of the blog “Dicas Para Aprender Inglês” (
I have written the series “CNA Kids Plays” for the Kids course of CNA and “Hop Up” for Ensino Fundamental 1 – 1st to 5th grades, published by StandFor.

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