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Editor submissions will be reviewed after other submissions have been processed, by a submissions team that excludes the author.
If I am accepted as an Editor, I will make every effort to attend all of my designated Mosaic editorial meetings. *
Meetings will be clustered according to genre.
If I am accepted as an Editor, I will make every effort to actively participate in all of Mosaic's community outreach events. *
Participation may include, but is not limited to: setting up, attending, or advertising Open Mic events, workshops, collaborative events, etc
I will submit a writing/art sample consisting of the documents required by each genre *
Poetry: 5-7 poems (any form). A single poem may not go over a page. Prose: Between 5 and 15 double spaced pages. This may be a single or multiple stories as long as it doesn't go over 15 pages. In place of original content, a 7-12 page critical analysis of a piece of work within your desired genre may be submitted as a writing sample.
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