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Purpose & Procedure

The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the Unreal Estate Blog and study how the page may be improved. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Privacy and Participation Rights

Unreal Estate reserves the right to retain feedback and data collected during the survey, but ensures that the information will not be associated with you or any personal identifying information in the future. Your participation is appreciated.

Contact information

Should you have any further questions about this survey, our blog, or the use of your feedback, you  may contact Unreal Estate at social@unrealestate.com.
What brought you to Unreal Estate’s blog?  (Check all that apply.) *
What types of content do you enjoy reading on Unreal Estate's blog?
Which specific topics would you like to see covered in future blog posts? Feel free to name other news sites, publications, or blogs you enjoy reading.
Which feature do you enjoy the most?
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How likely are you to return to our blog to learn more about real estate?
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How likely are you to recommend our blog to someone looking to learn more about real estate?
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How easy is it to navigate our blog? 
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If you responded difficult to navigate the blog, what feature was difficult? How could it be improved?
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What industry do you work in? What is your job title?
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