Train the Trainer implementation
Train the Trainer Program (TtT)
The EUF Educational and Development Committee is planning to create a "Level One Training program" which will be developed starting this year at the Debrecen and Tallinn events.

Middle Term Plan
The middle term plan is to develop a European-wide Ultimate Trainer curriculum which can be used by federations that do not have a national program. The benefits for nations with established programs would be a higher standardization and knowledge sharing leading to a EUF certified training program. This would make it possible for certified trainers to run classes throughout Europe

Short Term Plan
Since there are already various level one trainer curriculums available from several federations, we think that the most efficient way to start training future trainers this year in Debrecen and Tallinn is to ask certified trainers from one of these countries to run the classes, teaching their existing national “Level One Training Program” in the name of and financed by the EUF.
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