Citizen Forester Tree Inventory Data Request

The Citizen Forester Program is a collaborative community project with the goal of developing an urban tree inventory using citizen science while increasing community support and awareness for our urban forests. The data we collect is publicly available to be used for education and to advance the understanding and management of our urban forests! Our data cannot be used for commercial purposes.

With the help of dedicated volunteers, the Citizen Forester Program has been collecting urban tree inventory data on Oʻahu since 2016. As part of our program, volunteers collect data on trees in the city right of way. Data is not collected for trees on private land. The data collected includes:
- Species Names
- Weed Risk Assessment Score
- GPS Coordinates
- Specific tree measurements (height, DSH, canopy density, dieback, crown spread, etc),
- Tree condition assessments
- Utility interference

Our inventory is stored on the Tree PlotterTM platform, which calculates the estimated eco-benefits for the recorded trees. The data collected is used to estimate eco-benefits of individual trees and forest level eco-benefits such as:
- Runoff Prevention (Gallons)
-Energy Saved (kWh)
- Pollutants removed (lb)
- Carbon Avoided (lb)
- Carbon Stored (lb)
- Carbon Sequestered (lb)
- Property value

Our online inventory is publicly available to be viewed at

Please use this form if you are interested in receiving data sets from our program. Data is extracted from our online inventory and can be sent as an excel file (.xsl) or CSV.
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Data is extracted from our online inventory ( and can be sent in the follow ways.
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Acknowledging the Program: I understand that any outputs that use data from the Citizen Forester Program are asked to include the following statement: *
“Data used to help generate [this report] has been collected by the Citizen Forester Program; a collaborative project of the State and Private Forestry branch of the USDA Forest Service, Region 5 and the Kaulunani Urban and Community Forestry Program of the DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife.”
Reporting Requests: I understand that I am to send a copy of any resulting products created from the use of the program’s data. *
We hope to learn from your work as well as share with our partners and volunteers that their hard work has served a purpose. Sharing data usage information helps keep our volunteers motivated to continue to give their time to this citizen science initiative. (Study reports, publications, project reports, etc)
Disclaimer *
The Citizen Forester Program is continuously collecting data; therefore, the current datasets are continuously changing and are not comprehensive. Please treat it as such when you interpret your results. Currently, not all urban communities on Oʻahu are represented. The dataset sent will specify the last date of data collection prior to download. The data is updatedquarterly as long as the project is on-going. The Citizen Forester Program currently works to create a systematic inventory of public trees in urban areas, such as along commercial and residential streets and in parks. Our data cannot be used for commercial purposes.
Thank you for your interest in our program! For more information or if you have any further questions please contact:
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