2018 Registration - Women's Bible Study & Prayer

Coming Fall 2018 - Women's Bible Study & Prayer @ the home of Cynthia Crowner.

This Fall, Jenny Dorsey will lead a Women's Bible study by Paul Miller on "The Person of Jesus".

We will be looking at Unit #2 HONESTY. Jesus shows us that without truth, our relationships lack definition and meaning. The gift of compassion must be accompanied by the gift of truth for there to e balance in a relationship.

Nothing captures Jesus' honesty better than how he relates to people during meals. When a Pharisee invites him to dinner, Jesus tells the guests that they were motivated by pride in how they chose their seating. Then Jesus turns to the host and tells him that he has invited all the wrong people! Jesus' behavior is stunning. No dinner quest has ever acted this way. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone spoke honestly like that!

Jesus' honesty also helps us understand the disciples' foibles. When we consider their behavior from the perspective of Jesus' commitment to honesty, the disciples' forthrightness stand out. Their childlike openness allows Jesus to enter into their lives and shape them.

Closely related to good honesty is good anger. When Jesus heals a man with a crippled hand in a synagogue, he labors to get the Pharisees to understand what this man's world is like. But they are frozen in their self-righteousness. Jesus responds with pure, controlled anger. At the same time Jesus is often quiet when we are quick to express our anger. in this unit, we analyze how patient Jesus is with people.

We also look at the problem of reconciliation. How do you balnce compassion and honesty? The unit concludes by looking at Jesus' teaching about relating to someone who will not reconcile with you-that is, an enemy.

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