ATL Costa Rica Member Nomination Form
A member of ATL-Costa Rica loves you and honors your work in the world. That is why you have received this invitation to apply for membership. Each of the ATL members are only allowed to nominate one select candidate, and out of that pool of stellar transformational leaders, we can only accept 20 new members for the next event.

Please fill this out as soon as possible, so we can all get on a Zoom video chat and share more with you.

A little about ATL Costa Rica (Association of Transformational Leaders Costa Rica)

ATL Costa Rica is a space for networking, learning, and mutual support. Our purpose is to join with like-minded people to initiate and sustain on-going dialogue and education that enhances our transformational leadership capabilities and to support each other in serving humanity while creating a world that works for everyone; one world that is socially just, environmentally sustainable, and spiritually fulfilling.

The hallmark of an ATL member, or a nominee for membership, is that they are grounded in the basic aspects of self-development, and have the intention to approach both life and work from an open and loving-hearted space.

This intention is evident in their results. When these attributes are present and integrated, there is a coherence which is palpable. This coherence creates the context in which our nominating members and Membership Committee can trust their highest intuition, and inner wisdom of the heart, that a candidate is one of us.

This presence is grounded in workability and love and constitutes a calling of the kind of person we seek, and the kind of group in which we thrive.

Embodying the Spirit of ATL Costa Rica

ATL Rica has become very important and valuable to each of its members with many members now speaking about ATL Costa Rica as a “family.” This has happened because ATL Costa Rica has become a community where its members feel loved and supported by fellow members who:

- Are generous with their time, wisdom, resources, and love
- Embody personal responsibility and create their own experience
- Are committed to learning and growth
- Embrace, and are connected to spirit
- Are of service and contribution to others, and our planet
- Connect with other members and create powerful and positive new relationships
- Communicate directly, openly, honestly, and with loving intent
- Champion ATL Costa Rica and speak positively about fellow members
- Support our volunteer council members and trust our evolving growth process
- Remember to check their ego at the door and bring in their loving, trusting hearts

(Members recognize that the principles above embody our intentions and ideal end results and acknowledge that we are human and, therefore, none of us lives the principles perfectly, 100% of the time.)

As we continue to fulfill our purpose to provide each member with opportunities to network, learn and grow, we recognize that the more each of us embrace the idea of moving from “me to we,” the stronger our ATL community becomes.

*** PLEASE NOTE: This application process should take you between 20 and 40 minutes, or even longer for some of you.
Also, it will NOT store your answers, if you decide to do it in a few sittings.
It might make sense to place your answers on another documents, and copy and paste them into this application.

We look forward to speaking with you!

With love and light...
Your Membership Committee,

Ben, Ami and Tera

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