2019 PCAC Feedback Survey
Thank you for attending PopCult Anime Con 2019! We'd appreciate if you'd take a moment and fill out our Feedback Survey. Please keep in mind that positive information is just as important as reporting issues. We want to continue to bring you quality programming, so let us know what we are doing right along with any areas where we can improve.
What was your overall impression of PopCult Anime Con?
Can't recommend, won't return
Awesome con! Will be back!
How would you rate the venue, Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center?
One Star
Five Stars
Was this your first time attending PopCult Anime Con?
Would you consider attending PopCult Anime Con 2020?
Would you recommend us to your friends?
What media sites did you use to get information about PopCult Anime Con 2019? Please check all that apply.
What were your favorite parts of PopCult Anime Con? (Check all that apply)
About Game Shows: If you attended any Game Shows, which ones did you enjoy? Are there any game shows you'd like to see again in 2020? Any other game show comments you'd like to share?
About Guests: If you attended any special Guest or Featured Panelist programming, what did you enjoy? Are there any of our Featured Panelists that you'd like to see return for 2020? Any other Guest comments that you'd like to share?
About Panels: If you attended any Panels, which ones did you enjoy? Are there any Panels that you would like to see again in 2020? Any other panel comments you'd like to share?
About Video Screenings: If you attended any Screenings, which shows did you enjoy seeing? Are there any anime/videos you would like to see in 2020? Any other Video Screening Comments you'd like to share?
About Con Staff: How would you rate your interactions with staff? Did you feel your needs were met and any issues handled promptly?
Poor Customer Service/Needs not met by Staff
Excellent Customer Service/All needs met by staff
About Con Staff: Do you have any additional comments or any staff interactions you'd like to share?
Is there any additional feedback or suggestions you'd like to share?
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