Chromebook Agreement 2017-18
The Clay School District is pleased to offer our 6th through 12th grade students access to a Google Chromebook to advance their education. Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook. Parents/Guardians and Students need to read this agreement and sign where necessary before a Chromebook will be issued to the student.
This agreement is ONLY for grades 6-12. It is not necessary for grades K-5.
- The Chromebook will be assigned to and issued to the student after this agreement is fully signed by both the parent/guardian and the student.
- The Chromebook remains the property of the CLSD at all times.
- The software installed on the Chromebook is managed remotely by the CLSD and only teacher requested and administrator approved software will be installed.
- The CLSD will maintain a software and hardware warranty on the unit against system failure or component issues.
- The Chromebook utilizes internet filtering at all times.
- The Chromebook will be turned back into the CLSD at the end of the school year.
Technology Acceptable Use Policy
- Agreement below indicates parent/guardian and student have read and understand the Technology Policy in the Student Handbook and agree to its terms. The handbook is available at
Care of Unit - Student and Parent/Guardian Agrees:
- I WILL take care of the Chromebook and ensure proper use at all times.
- I WILL NOT attempt to make system changes or modifications to the system or CLSD domain.
- I WILL NOT write, mark-up, place stickers on, or in any way modify the outside of the Chromebook.
- I WILL NOT remove any of the bar codes, tags, and CLSD placed labels and tags.
- I WILL NOT place anything on the keyboard before closing the Chromebook, which will damage the screen.
- I WILL NOT poke the screen.
- I WILL ensure no liquids or other materials get spilled on or around the Chromebook.
- If I need to clean my Chromebook physically, I WILL only use a soft dry cloth or slightly damp cloth.
- I WILL comply with teachers and administrators and provide my Chromebook if requested for inspection for damage or misuse.
- I WILL use the built-in carrying handle, carry the Chromebook with both hands, or secure the Chromebook in a bag or carrying case when transporting it to ensure against drops, bumps, and breakage.
- I WILL NOT place the Chromebook under other objects or pressure including when in my book bag.
- I understand that I AM responsible for the reasonable care of the Chromebook I have been assigned and will take care of it to the best of my ability.
- I WILL charge my Chromebook each night at home and bring it to school fully charged for the school day. (There may be chargers available in some rooms throughout the day, but this is at the discretion of each teacher and is not guaranteed.)
Breakage - Negligence, Theft, Vandalism, and Accidents
The Chromebook is being provided for the student's educational benefit. The CLSD will maintain a warranty against component failure and tech issues that may arise. It is the student's responsibility to take care of the unit and protect it from other damages.

Students and Parents and Guardians Agree:
- I WILL notify my teacher promptly of any issues that arise with my Chromebook. Teachers may direct the student to take the unit to the Tech Depot for support, service, or repair.
- I UNDERSTAND that the following are NOT covered under warranty, and I (student and parent/guardian) will be charged accordingly should they happen to my Chromebook:
-- Cut, damaged, broken, or lost power-cord -- $35.00
-- Damaged screen, plastic bezel intact -- $80.00
-- Damaged screen, plastic cracked -- $100.00
-- Damaged motherboard, bottom plastic intact -- $80.00
-- Damaged motherboard, bottom plastic cracked -- $100.00
-- Damaged keyboard or missing key/s -- $25.00
-- Full Replacement cost -- $200.00

End of Year and Transfers
- Chromebooks will be returned to the CLSD during the last two weeks of the school year. Announcements will be made to specific times and dates.
-- If the Chromebook is not turned in at the end of the school year, the parent/guardian and student understand that they will be billed for the replacement cost of the Chromebook. -- $200.00
- If a student transfers out of the CLSD at any point during the school year, the Chromebook must be promptly returned to the CLSD.
- A Chromebook may be turned in to the Tech Depot in room 212 for transfers.
-- If the Chromebook is not turned in when a student transfers out of the district, the parent/guardian and student understand that they will be billed for the replacement cost of the Chromebook. -- $200.00
Supervision and Monitoring
The use of CLSD owned Chromebooks is not private. School and site administrators, and their authorized employees, monitor the use of information technology resources to help ensure that users are secure and in conformity with this policy, the Tech Policy, CIPA, and all laws and regulations. Administrators and teachers reserve the right to examine devices (personal or school owned) in order to further the health, safety, discipline, or security of any student. They may also use this information in disciplinary actions and will furnish evidence to law enforcement.
Disclaimer of Liability
The district shall not be responsible for any material encountered on a computer network, including the Internet, which may be deemed objectionable to a user (or parent/guardian, if a minor); for any inaccurate information disseminated over the network; for any hostile or injurious actions of third parties encountered through a computer network; for any charges incurred by the user of a computer or computer network without prior permission; or for any damage, or loss, incurred by a user, or any subsequent party by the use of files or software obtained over a computer network. Due to the nature of electronic communications and Ohio public records law, it is also impossible for the district to guarantee confidentiality of e-mail sent and received over any computer network. The district shall not warrant the functions of the system to meet any specific requirements the user may have, or that it would be error-free or uninterrupted; nor shall the district be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including damage to personal devices, lost data, information or time sustained in connection with the use, operation or inability to use the system.
Violations of this policy or the technology policy in the handbook may result in disciplinary action. Consequences may include, but not be limited to, the loss of a user's privileges to use the school's information technology resources. Further disciplinary actions may be imposed in accordance with the handbook up to and including suspension, expulsion, and/or involvement of law enforcement depending on the degree and severity of the violation.
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