Re-Opening Survey for Year 2/3/4 & 5 - Sherborne Primary - June 2020
Dear Parents / Carer, could you kindly complete our confidential survey by Thursday 18th June 2020 for our school to ascertain the accurate numbers of pupils who might like the opportunity to take part in a small number of 'keeping in touch days' within Sherborne Primary before the end of the academic year (Summer Term 2020). This cannot be guaranteed as we are exploring all possibilities at present.

The 'keeping in touch days' would be with a well known member of staff, but not necessarily your class teacher and could possibly start on a rota basis from week commencing Monday 22nd June 2020

ONLY complete this form if your child / ren are in either Years 2 / 3 / 4 or 5

We will continue to communicate if this is possible with the numbers who wish to return. Thank you for your ongoing support and best wishes, Mr Bartle
Name of Child /ren & Year Group / s *
Do you wish for your child / ren to be part of a small number of 'keeping in touch days'? *
Do you any questions or concerns you would like to inform us about?
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