Coin Listing Submission Form

A - Stable Coins

There are coins which are among the pioneers in blockchain community, coins which are inspired/forked by many other coins, coins which are influencing the market by its high average transaction volume.

I. Prerequisite:
1. Pioneers in blockchain community, inspired/forked by other coins.
2. Commitment to roadmap, well-built services/products around the coin.

III. Integration Fee: You can choose one of the below
+ Regular listing fee: 0.1 BTC (3-5 business days)
+ Fast-Track listing fee: 0.11 BTC (6-12 hours)

B - New Coins
These coins are quite new but show potential high profit and long-term value.
I. Prerequisite
1. There are coins that has just been recognized by community.
2. The coin has active communication channels between developers and investors.
3. The coin must be listed at least on one exchange

II Integration Fee: You can choose one of the below
+ Regular listing fee: 0.15 BTC (3-5 business days)
+ Fast-Track listing fee: 0.16 BTC (6-12 hours)

C - ICO Coins
These coins are in their presale/ICO phase
+ Regular listing fee: 0.17 BTC (3-5 business days)
+ Fast-Track listing fee: 0.18 BTC (6-12 hours)
D - Snode Decentralized Exchange
- If you are interested in listing your coin on our exchange, please let us know. We will have a good listing price for coin supported on our shared MN platform

D - Ads Banner Services
We offer the ad banner service on the new platform. The price depends on the position of the banner: top or side; the format: gif or static; and the size

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