Coin Listing Submission Form

A - Stable Coins

There are coins which are among the pioneers in blockchain community, coins which are inpired/forked by many other coins, coins which are influencing the market by its high average transaction volume.
Such coins are likely to be supported in our system in almost cases. Not only do we not charge for their presences but also their presences will always be more prioritized in our further plans. We define criteria for such coins as below:

I. Prerequisite: Daily average transaction volume on one exchange must be equal or more than 3 BTC on the last 15 days

II. Optional (must satisfy one of the followings):
1. Pioneers in blockchain community, inspired/forked by other coins.
3. Commitment to roadmap, well-built services/products around the coin.

III. Integration Fee: You can choose one of the belows
BTC: 0.1 BTC at the moment of registration

B - ICO Coins
These coins are quite new but show potential high profit and long-term value.
I. Prerequisite
1. There are coins that has just been recognized by community.
2. The coin has active communication channels between developers and investors.
3. The coin must be listed at least on one exchange

II Integration Fee: You can choose one of the belows
BTC: 0.15 BTC at the moment of registration

C - Instant masternode node support (Optional)
1. Instant masternode is the type of masternodes that are sponsor by coin’d dev team. We will help you to setup one masternode for yourself, e.g. the reward of the masternode will be paid to your predefined address.
2. For users, they can get in an instant masternode at anytime, and get the reward of that masternode without waiting for that node to be filled.
3. In case one user joins the instant masternode, we will move the corresponding amount of your coins to a new node. That user will take the reward that worths their share in the masternode, the coin dev team will take the rest.
4. Once the node is filled with user's coins, we will setup new masternodes, so there is always a ready masternode for users to jump into.

E - Fast-Track Listing (Optional)
1. Instead of waiting 3-5 business days, with this option your coin will be listed and publicly announced in all Snode social channels within 6-12 hours after the payment is made.
Fee: 0.01 BTC

D - Other considerations:
1. If we are not able to perform the integration of your coin into our platform due to some technical reasons, we will return both your listing fee and your collateral required for the instant masternode.
2. After listing, if we see the the instability of your network due to the coin infrastructure, we have right to delist your. coin.
3. If you are going to have a hard fork or alter your codebase without informing us 5 days in advance, we have right to delist your coin.
4. If we receive a lot of scam alerts from community about your coin after listing, we will consider delisting your coin based on voting from the Snode community.

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