VCF East 2023 Exhibit Registration
Update 03/14/2023: All available exhibit spots are full. However, anyone signing up here now will be on the waiting list. There's always a chance for people to cancel their spot last minute. Sign up here and we will put you on the waiting list. If you want to be put in our alternat location which is in the hallway outside our museum, then let us know. We are working on ways of directing more visitors in that direction.

This application and your submission will be considered for inclusion in our show. Please provide as much information as possible.

Deadline for registering your exhibit is March 24, 2023.

Exhibit dates are April 15 & 16, 2023. April 14 is VCF University and setup for exhibitors.
Exhibitor FAQ:

The suggested (but not required) themes for this year are: 
1) Computers in Education. 
2) Keeping Vintage Computing Alive.


1. Exhibits must have a theme (examples: a timeline, all accessories for your favorite single computer, systems of a certain CPU, systems of a certain category, your favorite software, something homebrew, etc.) — the key is to avoid a table of random things.

2. Try to be at your table as much as possible. We suggest bringing a partner for your exhibit so you can take breaks or listen to a speaker. Unstaffed tables get a lot less interest. That said, you are there to enjoy the show as well.

3. Within reason your demo should be up-and-running. VCF East is a hands-on event!

4. Exhibits must be present for both days of the exhibit hall for the entire scheduled exhibit times. Exhibits may not be set up after the event opens to the public nor taken down before the event closes, unless you have prior approval from the showrunner. Please follow these rules.

5. Strive to make your exhibit look good. Include posters, literature, manuals, accessories, and so forth. But keeping these things simple is also good: don’t worry about spending a lot of money.

6. It is free to exhibit at VCF East. We include two free admissions per table. Additional exhibitors must pay the regular entry fee. There is no formal limit to the number of tables you can reserve, however VCF East management will evaluate your request vs. available space and the items you wish to display.

7. Most important: HAVE FUN. Make it special and reflect your own interests and personality.

If you have any specific questions not answered here e-mail the showrunner:
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