DCI - Volunteer Translators & Proof-readers Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in joining our volunteers' program.

What you should know before registering:

An ideal volunteer will:

- assist with translating and/or proofreading marketing materials, inter-office communication, reports and newsletters for an internal and external audience,
- be able to work remotely with access to a computer with standard Microsoft Office applications and email (no need to come to our offices)
- preferably have experience in or studied translation
- be detail-oriented and responsive to email
- be comfortable using Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
- be available, friendly, honest, ethical, able to follow directions
- agree with our volunteer confidential agreement

Useful information:

1. We will provide clear instructions for each translation task and the volunteer coordinator shall be available on email to resolve any issue.
2. Native speakers of Spanish, Arabic or French with professional or bilingual proficiency in English are welcome to apply.
3. If you are a new language learner with professional proficiency this is another opportunity to further your learning as you can set your own pace, as long as we as a team meet the delivery deadlines!
4. Translation and proofreading may be done from anywhere in the world and on your schedule, with varying levels of time commitment.
5. We will provide you with a Certificate of Appreciation (after 3 completed translations) and a reference letter (upon request) for your time and services, which you may use towards your community service hours or future translation positions.

Apply by completing the following online form

N.B: Have your CV ready tu be sent by email to communications@defenceforchildren.org

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