2015 Mountain Lakes Invitational Registration
Thank you very much for registering for the second annual Mountain Lakes Invitational. We will be using NAQT's IS-141A set. The tournament will be held at Mountain Lakes High School in Mountain Lakes, NJ on January 3, 2015.

The cost structure is as follows:
$75 / first team
$60 / every additional team
- $15 / experienced moderator, up to 2 per the number of teams brought
- $10 / buzzer set (as many as you have)
Please bring cash or a check written to Mountain Lakes High School, c/o Academic Team on the day of the tournament.

As there are no quick service dining establishments a reasonable distance from MLHS, we will be putting in a pizza order for lunch. If you would like to order pizza for your team, the charge is $10 for pizza. All pizzas will be large cheese. Soda/water will be available for purchase the day of the tournament.
School Name *
School Address *
City *
State *
Coach's Name *
Coach's E-mail *
Phone number that can be used to reach team on the day of the tournament *
This number will only be used in case of emergency, i.e. if the team does not show up on day of tournament
Number of Teams *
***The initial cap is 3 teams per school. Any additional teams from a school will be placed on a waiting list and will be put into the field if there is still room a month before the tournament.
How many experienced moderators familiar with NAQT rules will you be bringing to the tournament? *
There is a discount of $15 per qualified moderator, limit 2 for each team (not school) attending the tournament.
How many buzzer systems with at least 8 working individual buzzers will you be bringing to the tournament? *
There is a discount of $10 per buzzer system, no limit.
How many pizzas do you want to order for your team(s) for lunch? *
Each large cheese pizza is $10.
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