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Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza A.C.
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When visiting RISE, please understand that this is the children’s home. Our first priority is doing what is best for the children. We ensure that they have as much love and support as possible, but also stability and consistency. Also it is necessary to understand that RISE is a Catholic home and the religious and cultural values need to be respected at all times. Here at RISE, the children are expected to respect others and themselves. Following is a list of general rules when visiting our home:

1. All visitors need to be approved PRIOR to visiting.
2. All visitors are to enter at the front door only.
3. All visitors are to present photo ID upon entry.
4. All visitors are to sign in prior to visiting the children.
5. Visitors are only allowed to visit during pre-arranged times.
6. Under no circumstances should visitors ever come when they are either sick or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
7. Please be mindful of personal objects that you bring. The children can be very curious about the smallest things. Keep it to a minimum and only bring what is absolutely necessary.
8. Photos of the children are not permitted.
9. Prior permission must be obtained before bringing gifts to the children; this includes toys and food.
10. Physical contact with the children should be kept to a minimum. They love hugs.
11. The children are learning English, so it is important to encourage them to use English phrases such as “good morning”, “yes please”, “no thank you”, etc.
12. It is important that the children respect you while you are here. If the children are being disrespectful, please attempt to correct the situation. If you are not able, please take it to the appropriate staff.
13. Please be mindful of the religious and cultural values when you dress for your visit. Clothing that is too revealing is not appropriate.
14. The children are not to be fighting with each other or climbing on the furniture, rails, walls, etc. If you see them doing this, please ask them to stop. If they do not, please speak to the appropriate staff.
15. Visitors are only allowed to be with the children in designated areas.
16. Children are not allowed to leave the premises without prior permission and accompaniment by RISE staff.
17. Children must wear their proper clothes and footwear in any activity.
18. If the children's shoes or clothes get wet by accident, please ask them to change it.
19. No junk food may be given for any reason inside the room.
20. All drinks must be at room temperature, this is a medical request.
21. The fruit or snack will be in small proportions, since the children eat regular meals at 1:30 and 7:00.
22. Pets are allowed on the property only during an organized activity coordinated through Volunteer Committee Leaders or other specific event.
23. Volunteers are allowed on premise only until 6:00pm. Scheduled activities through the Volunteer Committee Leaders or the Director that require volunteers after 6pm will be posted and made an exception.

NOTE: all food and snacks must be previously authorized by the person in charge of RISE when entering.

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