Jacksonville Legacy Walk - Commemorative Wall 
We are excited to announce a unique opportunity to celebrate the remarkable individuals who have made a lasting impact on our community. The time has come to gather nominations for those individuals who have exhibited exceptional dedication, leadership, and contributions to our community, deserving a place on our prestigious Commemorative Wall.

This Commemorative Wall will serve as a lasting tribute to those whose actions, achievements, and values have enriched our lives and the world around us. We invite you to participate in this meaningful process by nominating individuals who have had a positive and enduring impact in various areas, such as education, philanthropy, business, arts, sports, or any other domain.  

Nominees may include:

🏆 Visionaries who have made groundbreaking advancements in their field to impact education.

🌍 Humanitarians whose compassion and service has improved the lives of others. 

🎨 Artists whose creativity has enriched our educational culture.

 📚 Educators who have inspired generations. 

💼 Business leaders who have created jobs and economic growth. 

⚽ Sports figures who have brought pride to our community through their achievements. 

🙌 Any extraordinary individual, whether they are currently with us or have left a lasting legacy.

  • Nominees can be living or deceased 
  • Nominees may be nominated more than once
  • Current JNPSD employees and school board members cannot be nominated
The nomination process will be conducted on a quarterly basis, providing four opportunities each year for individuals to submit their nominations.
Nomination Period: 
January 1, 2024 - February 1, 2024
March 1, 2024  - April 1, 2024
June 1, 2024 - July 1, 2023
September 1, 2024 - October 1, 2024
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Your Name (Nominator) 
Phone Number 
Email Address 
Nominee's Name 
Nominee's Contact Information (Include phone number and email. If the nominee is deceased, please include the contact information of the closest living relative.)
Nominee's Affiliation (Specify the organization or institution the nominee represents)

Legislative Contributions: (Write at least one paragraph)

Describe the nominee's legislative contributions to  Jacksonville schools. Include specific examples of their advocacy for educational policies, initiatives, or programs that have positively impacted the district. Highlight any leadership roles they have taken on within the community or government in support of education.

Financial Contributions: (Write at least one paragraph)

Explain the nominee's financial support for Jacksonville schools. Include details about their donations, grants, or funding they have provided to enhance educational opportunities within the district. Specify the amount and purpose of the financial contributions.

Educational Impact: (Write at least one paragraph)

Detail how the nominee's efforts, both legislatively and financially, have positively influenced the educational experiences of scholars, teachers, and the broader school community. Include examples of specific programs, facilities, or resources that have been improved or created as a result of their support.

Community Service Examples: (Write at least one paragraph)

Detail how the nominee has actively engaged in community service that supports Jacksonville schools  and the broader community. Include specific examples of their service, such as volunteering at local schools, organizing educational events, or mentoring students. Highlight the impact of their community service on the district.

Additional Comments:
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