IB Brunch Superlatives 2019
Vote for your 2019 IB Senior Superlatives using the link below. Only one entry per student. Please type the FULL NAME of the person you are nominating. Also, please print and return the field trip form posted on Cavsconnect under "IB Brunch Field Trip Form" on the News Brief section in order to ensure you can attend. The poll will close May 17 at 2:20 PM.
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Most likely to fall asleep
Most likely to accidently cure cancer
Most likely to be found in the IB Office
Most Likely to be out of uniform
Most likely to become an olympian
Best Artist
Couple most likely to marry
Most likely to use Mr. Nelson as a therapist
Best Smile
Best Eyes
Activities resident
Most likely to become more than a soundcloud rapper
Most Talented
Most likely to drop out of college Bill Gates style
Future Horoscope Reader
Most stressed
Best Hair
Biggest Fashion Icon
Most likely to abandon civilization and live on a mountain
Most likely to trip and fall at graduation
Teacher's Pet
Biggest Brain
Biggest Heart
Most likely to become insta famous
Most likely to be featured in the forbes 30 under 30
Most likely to not submit anything on ecoursework
Friendliest (Girl)
Friendliest (Boy)
Biggest Clown
Most likely to shave their head before going to college
Most likely to become a dictator
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