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To speak with a representative please call us at (712) 800-1100 or email us at

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Terms and Conditions
Device: Skitter TV will require a Roku streaming device that can be purchased from a local retail store or online.

Self: There is no installation or set-up fee to add Skitter TV service with self installation. Spiral will email you account setup information.
Spiral: Spiral can install the Roku and set up the Skitter TV App at your home, there will be a $50 installation fee.

Contract: There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. If you cancel mid month you will still be billed for a full month.

Prices: $21.95 per month for basic service (local channels). $2.95 per month for additional stream. Free after the third stream. (example house with two Rokus $21.95 + 2.95 per month for $24.90 / mo) (3 or more rokus $27.85 per month).

Limitations: 5/2 wireless (2 Rokus max), 10/3 wireless (3 Rokus max), Fiber / Coax (no limit)

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