SSNL Participation Nation Unplugged Program Application 2023-2024
Welcome to the Participation Nation (PN) Unplugged Application for 2023-2024 and thank you for your interest in our program. The PN Unplugged program is available to schools and community centres in Newfoundland and Labrador to increase participation in recreation and sport in the after school hours. Before filling out the application please read the school eligibility below:

Schools/ Community Centres Must:
have students in grades 4-6
have access to your school gym 2 times a week for 17-25 weeks immediately after school for 75 minutes;
be able to offer the program free to the students; and
provide a teacher sponsor(s) or community recreation person to supervise the program

If eligible you will receive:
program resources to implement a multi-sport physical activity program;
training for volunteers (Principles of Healthy Child Development, Fundamental Movement Skills, and program implementation training);  and
Free Hoodie and T-Shirt to be worn by leaders, t-shirt and water bottle for all participants

Funds can:
purchase equipment for the program;
purchase a healthy snack for the program;
provide honorariums for High School Students (if applicable) and or specialized instructors; and
provide transportation from school to home (if deemed participation is low because of this barrier)

Funds that include any of the following will be deemed ineligible:
regular travel to private or municipal facilities (e.g. ski trips, swimming lessons, curling);
activities during school hours (e.g. Skating); and
school field trips

Applications are due June 9th, 2023

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School or Community Centre Name: *
Contact Information : *
Name, phone number and email address.
Community Partners:
List potential and existing community partners and opportunities for collaboration.
Participants: *
Please indicate an estimated number of participants that you believe will take part in your after school program.
Program Leaders: *
If program leaders will be high school students, will you need student leader training? (High Five PHCD)
Please note: training occurs every 2 years for each site
If you have indicated you need training, how many students do you anticipate to be trained?
Please note: Training is only available for students in Grades 10 and 11. A rough estimate is fine.
Program Plan: *
Please indicate what your school plan is for the PN Unplugged program. Please include the following: 1) how many times a week; 2) the days of the week; and 3) how many weeks for each activity.   Example: A 17 week program Zumba 2x a week for 4 weeks. Snowshoeing 2x a week for 3 weeks. Soccer 2x a week for 3 weeks. Please note that the PN Unplugged program is required to be a multi- sport/activity program.  Note: You can submit this item in a word document if you choose.
Budget: *
Please indicate the amount of funding you will need to run your program in the following areas: (1) Nutrition, (2) Transportation (busing quote must be provided), (3) User Fees, (4) Specialized Instructors, (5) Honorariums (applicable if utilizing student leaders). Note: You can submit this in an excel file if you require more room. Please indicate if you will do so.

For example:

Nutrition: $700
Transportation: $5,000
User Fees: $250
Specialized Instructors: $0
Additional Comments:
If you have any additional information you would like to share with us, please fill in the field below.
Important Notification: *
All applicants will be notified if your school was successful before the end of the school year in June 2023. It is important that if your school has applied and is successful, the program will be ready to start in November. Due to turnover at schools, it is important to have your school fully onboard. By checking '"yes" you are indicating that you have discussed this program with your school principal and the school takes responsibility of fulfilling program delivery in the absence of the original applicant. The PN Coordinator will be in contact with the successful schools again in September. If your school does not reply, the funding that was allocated to your school, will be moved to another school.  Please click 'Yes' if you agree and understand the above statement.
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