Wedding Mass Song Selection - Bilingual Musica de la Misa
This is the fun part! The songs presented on this list are approved with the San Diego Diocese. Your selections must be received no later than 7 days before the Mass. JR will send an email confirmation once its' recieved. If you prefer to have JR choose music, please mark the box labeled "other". NO SECULAR MUSIC: No Secular music will be permitted within a Catholic Mass. Any other service/denominations, it is the right of the Pastoral Staff. These are the Diocesan directives and we have the obligation to comply with these regulations. For example, “Wedding March” by Wagner also known as "Here come the Bride" is not permitted. This song is considered a secular song in the US Dioceses and cannot be played at Mass. There are many songs that have a similar sound and more appropriate for the Liturgy. Please choose one from each category and send me your questions. / Por favor, elija canciones de esta lista aprobada. Aquí viene la novia no está permitido en la diócesis católica de los EEUU. Elija de la lista a continuación.
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Entourage Entrance/ Sequito Entrada
This song will be played when your entourage enters the church
Air from Water Music G.F. Handel
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring J.S. Bach
Prelude in C Major J.S. Bach
Which Entourage Entrance song do you like?/Cual canción te gusta? *
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