2018 Yaseen Community (Imam & Programs) Survey
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As-salaamu 'alaykum! Below is a survey designed to help us prioritize desired roles of an Imam candidate for our community and programs you would like to see at Yaseen Burlingame Center (YBC) and the Belmont Masjid.

Please take a few minutes to fill it out. All answers are confidential and will be used to assist the EC & Shura in making informed decisions for our community based on your input. An answer is not needed for every question/row and you may skip and only answer questions you really want to be counted.

We appreciate your participation and help in our efforts to cater towards programs according to our community's needs and wishes.

Jazakumullahu Khairan,

Yaseen Foundation EC


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If Yaseen appoints an Imam/Community leader what are some qualities you’d like to see and how important? *
What Youth Programs Would You Like to See at Yaseen?
No need
Sure, why not?
Great idea!
Must have!
Youth Halaqas/Lectures
Fun Activities: Socials, Sports & Tournaments, Camps
After-School Qur'an Program
After-School Tutoring Program (such as Math & Science)
Youth Field Trips
College Admissions Guidance
ACT/SAT Preparation
Youth volunteering for different causes
How to answer questions about Islam and Muslims (workshops)
What Family Programs Would You Like to See at Yaseen?
What Sisters' Programs Would You Like to See at Yaseen?
No need
Sure, why not?
Great idea!
Must have!
Sisters' Halaqa
Sisters' Tajweed Classes
Sisters' Social Activities
Arts & Crafts Club/Workshops
Career and Leadership Training/Workshops
Walking/Exercise Group
Domestic Abuse Outreach
Self-Defense Workshops
Sisters-Only Swimming (reserving facilities)
Feedback & Suggestions
What do you like about Yaseen and how can Yaseen improve?
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Calling All Volunteers!
We are looking for energetic volunteers to join us to maintain and develop our programs and activities. If you have an idea, we want to hear from you. If interested, please include your contact information below and type of program you would like to help with.
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Programs you would like to volunteer for:
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