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Hello and thank you for your interest in being an ARC reader for the THIRD book in my high fantasy Whispered Tales series. Please note that this ARC will be delivered via ebook only; I will most likely not be doing physical ARCs at this time. The ebooks will be delivered via bookfunnel. Filling this form out does not guarantee an ARC copy. I am opening this ARC application early to give people who have not read the first two books a chance to do so before I send out ARCS (most likely at the end of July).

Blurb is still being drafted, but the story continues with the Misfits as they embark on their epic quest to stop the cults of Vilanthris from bringing back the dead dragon gods and causing the end of days. To avoid going into spoiler territory for those who haven't read it yet, I will bullet point some tropes and things you will see in book three:

- an epic battle that includes a rescue mission and Helai being the badass QUEEN that she is
- character growth!! MCs getting to talk to gods
- a queer relationship begin to blossom (MM)
- Found Family is Finally Formed (and there's many big emotions)
- FUN new characters
- A heist in a distant land
- A prison break out in that same distant land
- Soulmates finally reuniting after time apart (which jumps into the ship trope: moronsexual x the moron in question)

With a new book comes new potential triggers. With this series being somewhat grimdark, I will list the triggers below:

- rats (giant, grotesque rats — the rakken are a main part of the story so I don't recommend this series if rats trigger you)
- cults ( this includes cult sacrifice and cult activity but it is brief in this book)
- child death (briefly described in a flashback)
- fantasy violence (gore, battle horror, body horror, death, murder -- one scene of which one character blows up an area with magic)
- family trauma (brief - one chapter)
- brief moments of PTSD
- depictions of torture that include whipping and slowly burning someone over a fire (brief - two chapters)

** IF I FORGOT ANY TRIGGERS AND YOU FIND THEM WHILE READING, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I want to make sure they're all there for publication!

Release date for this title is August 27th, 2024. Thank you all so much for your interest; this application will be open until July 15th and I plan to send out ARCs August 1st
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