AA2A Artists Evaluation 2016 - 17
If you find this form difficult because of a disability, please phone 0114 296 0688 or email aa2aproject@icloud.com We can provide the form in other formats or arrange to do it over the phone.

This online evaluation is compulsory. Please send it back by Thursday 2nd June. It is very important for the quality control and continuation of the project and because of this, we will chase you mercilessly for responses!

IMPORTANT - It takes at least 15 mins to complete and is BEST COMPLETED IN ONE SITTING TO AVOID BEING TIMED OUT (particularly important if your internet connection can be dodgy). Questions with a red asterisk must be filled in. If you miss one, it will not allow you to submit the form until you have. Your form won't reach us until you press SUBMIT at the very end and see the acknowledgement screen. If you do not see this after a minute, try submitting again. Let us know if you're struggling and we'll try to help.

If you wish to provide us with more detail so you can suggest improvements or give positive feedback please email us.

These responses enable us to evaluate the AA2A project nationally as well as your ‘host’ college (they will not see this form but will be given feedback in terms of general scores & advice based on all the participating artists’ feedback). We always pass on specific thanks where appropriate.

We look forward to receiving your responses. We read every one and use good quotes on our website and in promotional material. Thank you for your time and commitment filling this in. It really is appreciated.

1.1 Your name
You may remain anonymous but it helps us greatly if you give your name.
Your answer
1.2 Please choose your AA2A scheme from the list below *
Colleges are listed roughly North to South
1.3 Do you have a degree or other formal qualification in art or design ? *
1.4 If yes, when did you 'graduate' ? *
1.5 Were you previously a student at the institution where you did your AA2A scheme ? *
1.6 Did you take up one of our placements for recent MA or Phd graduates? Please select the relevant option/s *
Our eligibility criteria allow one M.A. or PhD students with one or more years professional practice could apply to AA2A in the same year that they graduate.
1.7 Please describe your main area/s of practice *
You may tick more than one box
1.8 Approximately how many years in total would you say you've been a practising artist ? *
1.9 Did you use AA2A to help you complete or prepare for another project ? *
This will help us to show that AA2A is part of a greater infrastructure
1.10 Have you been on an AA2A scheme before ? *
1.11 Approximately how many miles is your college from your home ? *
Please just use numbers (eg. 16) for a single journey NOT return mileage.
Your answer
1.12 Are you...
1.13 How old are you ?
1.14 Do you consider yourself to have a disability ?
1.15 If ‘yes’ please tick the most appropriate categories
1.16 If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the last two questions, how helpful were the college with any particular requirements you had ?
1.17 How would you describe yourself or your origin ?
1.18 Are you registered as self-employed, a partnership or limited company?
even if you're not currently working regularly e.g. as a self-employed person
1.19 What is your employment status ?
1.20 If you have a paid job, is it in a creative or arts related field ?
2.1 How many AA2A colleges did you apply to ? *
2.2 How did you hear about AA2A ?
2.4 How easy was it contacting the college to get information ? *
2.5 How would you rate the application pack you received ? *
2.6 Did you have the opportunity to discuss the feasibility of your project with a technician or appropriate member of staff before starting ? *
2.7 Did you understand the selection procedure ? *
3.1 Did your college arrange for a formal or informal 'induction' session explaining the scheme ? *
3.2 Did your college provide enough introductory information ? *
3.3 If you’ve completed your access period, approx how many hours did you use ?
Please just use a number (eg. 89) It can be more than the 100 hours minimum which must be offered
Your answer
If you've not finished yet, how many hours do you think you'll have used in total when you do finish?
Even a rough guess will help us here!
Your answer
3.4 To what extent do you think your AA2A scheme helped you achieve a valuable outcome ? *
3.5 Were you offered access from October (or earlier) ? *
Colleges should offer access starting no later than 31st Oct and finishing no earlier than 1st April
3.6 If your scheme started late, was this due to ID or swipe cards or DBS checks?
3.7 If your scheme started late, do you feel you were offered an appropriate extension ?
3.8 Do you feel your scheme was long enough for you to achieve a useful outcome ? *
3.9 If invited, might you be interested in returning next year to help new AA2A artists settle in (in exchange for access to workshops)?
3.10 Did you have any problems using facilities ? *
3.11 How would you rate the facilities offered ? *
3.12 Please list briefly any areas / facilities you used which were new to you
Your answer
3.13 Did you receive any formal training or informal help to use equipment ? *
(if you didn't need any help, assess what you think would have been available)
3.14 Select any supporting areas that you feel were valuable to have access to (if offered by your scheme)
(other than workshops)
3.15 How would you rate the Artists Access Agreement ? *
(this resembles a contract and should have been given to you by your college)
If you didn't apply, tick 'No' and go Section 5.
4.1 Did you apply for AA2A's 'Artists hardship fund' ? *
4.2 Did we clearly explain the application and payment process?
4.3 Did you think it was fair?
4.4 How would you rate the communication with the national team ?
eg. informing you of progress and decisions on your application to the fund
4.5 If you got money from the fund, how did you use it ?
4.6 Would you have applied if there was no Hardship Fund ? *
5.1 How much contact did you have with staff / technicians ? *
5.2 How would you rate the staff’s knowledge / awareness of the scheme ? *
5.3 How would you describe their attitude ? *
6.1 Did you have much contact with students ? *
6.2 Do you think enough students knew about the AA2A scheme ? *
6.3 Were you introduced to students at the beginning of your access period ? *
6.4 Did you have any contact with AA2A student reps ? *
NB: not all Colleges had AA2A Student Reps
6.5 Did you do any of the following ? *
In your application you may have offered to do one or more of these options.
6.6 Which of the following applies ? *
AA2A guidance to Colleges says they shouldn't ask you to do more than three talks, demonstrations etc for the students
6.7 Can you help by passing on a 'Top tip' to graduating students ?
We Tweet a 'Tip of the Week' and also produce an info pack for graduating students, so would value your input. This could be practical or inspirational advice or relate to national organisations... e.g. ACE, Crafts Council, 'a-n', Axis, DACS, HMRC, also... Competitions, Exhibitions, Open studios, Opportunities listings etc. Up to 20-30 words is ideal for each 'Tip'. We'll let you know if we use them
Your answer
6.8 Might you be prepared to do a little more to help students by joining our membership group 'AA2A Engage' ?
We will email more detail soon, this just gives an indication of your interest. Engage members offer to host one 'visit' a year to help students get some contact with the wider art world, in return for free continued access to our networking site 'Dotbiz'.
7.1 Did your college make arrangements which allowed you to meet the other artists at the beginning of your scheme ? *
7.2 Did your College give you the contact details for the other artists ? *
7.3 How useful did you find the AA2A networking site to keep in touch with the other AA2A artists at your college ? *
7.4 Do you feel you had enough contact with the other artists in your College ? *
NB: 'Dotbiz' (aa2a.biz) is our networking site and AA2A.org is our general information website
8.1 How would you rate our information website (AA2A.org) ? *
8.2 How easy did you find our 'Dotbiz' networking site to use ? *
8.3 Which areas of the site did you use / add to ?
8.4 If you didn't use the site, what would you say were the main reasons ?
8.5 How would you rate the 'Dotbiz' networking website ? *
9.1 Did you have any contact with the national administration of AA2A ? *
individual contact by email or phone
9.2 If 'yes' how would you describe their attitude ?
9.3 Approximately how many pieces of work and of what type did you produce as a result of the scheme ? *
please answer briefly eg. 5 large screen prints, 10 small bronzes, 50 experimental glass samples.
Your answer
9.4 Have you had / or do you expect your College to provide any promotional or work opportunities as a result of AA2A ?
skip question if nothing was offered
9.5 To support our application for Arts Council funding we have been asked to provide evidence of how AA2A supports artists career development*. Which of the following best describes your opinion of AA2A ? *
*e.g. by providing access to equipment and creative environments, networks and increasing the opportunities for exhibitions and paid work etc.
9.6 How would you rate your College's promotion of AA2A generally ? *
both to students, staff and through exhibitions and events
9.7 On a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) how would you rate the overall importance of AA2A as a national project / opportunity ? *
9.8 How would you rate your College's hosting of the scheme ? *
9.9 Would you recommend the AA2A schemes to other artists ? *
not necessarily at your host college
9.10 If we really had no other funding option to continue AA2A, how much might you have been prepared to pay for a place ?
As we're not an Arts Council England regularly funded (NPO) organisation, we need to consider how we would keep AA2A going, should we ever fail in our annual application for ACE Lottery funding. Your feedback here will help us. We imagine this would take the form of a registration fee payable when artists accept a place. This assumes there would only be the smallest of Hardship Funds for those in real need e.g. disability costs
Your feedback is so valuable to us, helping us to promote and improve schemes. PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING THREE QUESTIONS to give us your overall impression of AA2A. If you wish to write longer answers please email them to us at aa2aproject@icloud.com
10.1 What was the best thing/s about your AA2A project ?
Your answer
10.2 Do you have a specific suggestion which might have improved your scheme or AA2A generally ?
Your answer
10.3 How has (or how do you hope) AA2A will contribute to the development of your career ?
Either general (e.g improved networking) or specific (e.g may use work to apply for residency, exhibition, further research)
Your answer
10.4 Can we use positive ‘quotes’ from you, on our website or to promote the scheme to other artists and/or funders if appropriate ? *
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