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Ipso Facto is the study association for students who study the bachelor International Development (BIN), Communication and Life Sciences (BCL), the master International Development (MID) or Development and Rural Innovation (MDR). We are a study association, by students for students.  

By joining us, we are able to represent you within WUR and you are able to participate in the different social and educative activities we organize for our members. For example, we organize FREE drinks, debates, excursions, parties, movie nights, a charity week, galas and of course legendary weekends like the hitchhiking weekend and the first year’s weekend! As a member of our association, you also receive our In Facto magazine, which is filled with interesting articles about both the association itself and the study fields the association entails. Apart from all this, a big advantage of becoming a member is the 10% discount you will get on your study books bought at the WUR-store, which makes being a member cheaper than not being one!

Are you the enthusiastic, creative, organizational type of person? Would you like to help us organize these activities? Feel free to join a committee or the board! If you are interested in becoming an active member in one of our committees, please mark your committee of interest at the backside of this form.

Bachelor students* can become a member of Ipso Facto for only €9 a year, while membership for master students is FREE**. Your membership is valid until you unsubscribe by e-mail. The membership contribution of €9 will be paid for each academic year. This means that you can unsubscribe throughout the year, but we can’t give you your money back.

* Bachelors: when you do not fill in your IBAN, your membership will not be completed.

** Master students: you do not have to fill in their IBAN in the form below.

Please notify us as soon as possible if any of your data mentioned below changes. If you want to contact the Ipso Facto board, for this or for any other reason, you can send an e-mail to We are also in our office during lunch breaks from Monday to Thursday. Our office can be found in the basement of the Leeuwenborch, roomnumber K120.

Thank you for joining and we’ll see you around!

Kind regards,

The Ipso Facto Board
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