Global Institute for Hispanic Health- Research Strengths and Needs Assessment
You want to improve health outcomes for South Texas children and families and we want to help! This survey will take around 10 minutes to complete and will increase our understanding of how we can best meet your research needs, and promote collaboration between Driscoll Children's Hospital and Texas A&M University Health Science Center.
What is your name, degree, title?
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What is your institutional affiliation?
What is your current position?
If we have your permission to contact you, please enter the preferred contact information below (phone, email).
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What is your area(s) of research interest?
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May we share the answers above with potential collaborators (other physicians or scientists with similar research interests) within the Driscoll Health System or Texas A&M system?
What is your role in research?
What other staff members help with your projects?
Dedicated Research Staff Member
Someone helping with research in addition to their primary role
Study Coordinator
Research Nurse
Finance/Contracts/Billing support
Data Management
Regulatory (IRB) Submissions
Do you have Standard Operating Procedures or guidelines in place for doing research in your department?
How many different clinical trials or observational human studies have you worked on over the past 5 years?
What kinds of studies do you currently have open and how are they funded (select all that apply)? for phone, swipe left to see all columns
Federal Grant funded
Other Grant
Treatment Study
Biology Study
Other observational study
What type of intervention are you studying (choose all that apply)?
If your study involves human subjects research, what type of good clinical practice and/or human subjects protection training did you receive (choose all that apply)?
How would you prefer to receive training about how to conduct clinical trials or human observational studies? for phone, swipe left to see all columns
strongly dislike
moderately dislike
moderately prefer
strongly prefer
Written material
Short Online Case Based Videos
In-person workshop
Simulcast/Webinar lecture
Pre-recorded online lectures
What do you believe are the major barriers to your ability to conduct clinical research? (for example: lack of information on study design, help with stats/methodology, lack of staff to help, time constraints, subject recruitment, etc)
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What immediate needs do you have related to conducting research?
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