What would you like Melissa Pearl to publish next?
As one of her readers, your opinion is very important to Melissa and she'd like to give you the opportunity to vote for which series you'd like her to write and publish next.

Below are three options.
Please only select the one that interests you the most and only fill in the form once. Thank you :)

OPTION ONE: An Aspen Falls High Series
This will be a 4-6 book series written by Anna Cruise and Melissa Pearl. Like they did with the Aspen Falls Novels, Anna will write half the books, and Melissa will write the other half.
The first novel will follow Leah's story and you'll get to see all the original Aspen Falls characters in the background of each novel.

GENRE: Young adult romantic suspense = each book will be a stand alone mystery with a different teenage couple.
Written in the 3rd person POV, past tense.


OPTION TWO: Fairytale Twist Novels
Last year Melissa published Paper Cranes under her pen-name Jordan Ford. She'd like to republish this book under Melissa Pearl and continue with the series.
She has six more books lined up and each one is very loosely based on a fairytale. The books will be set in the present day and deal with real-world issues. And, of course, she'll put a twist on some of her favorite fairytales. For example: Sleeping Beauty is actually going to be a guy in a coma and our Princess Charming will save his life.

GENRE: Young adult contemporary romance with a touch of suspense/mystery = each book will be a stand alone fairytale with a different teenage couple.
Written in the 3rd person POV, past tense


OPTION THREE: The Big House Series (Tentative title)
This series is about a group of kids who lose their parents in a plane crash and are forced to move to a farm, in what feels like the middle of nowhere, to be taken care of by the guardian their parents chose for them. Altogether, there will be six teenagers (aging from 13 - 19 yrs old) living together and being raised by a man who doesn't feel cut out for the job.
These books will be set in New Zealand and probably span a one - two year time period. Melissa's not exactly sure on the number of books yet, but there are lots of story threads that will cross-over and link together.

GENRE: Young adult contemporary romance = these books will be a continuous story.
Written in multiple 1st person POV, present tense

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