"Summer in the City" High School Internship 2014- Request for Interns

The following application is for City departments and offices to request a High School intern for the summer. Please fill out the application completely and submit electronically by March 21, 2014.

Program Overview
The City's "Summer in the City" High School internship program is a 6-week paid summer internship program for Philadelphia high school students (sophomore to senior year) beginning in July 2014. The internship program is coordinated by the Philadelphia Youth Network's (PYN) WorkReady program. One-hundred (100) high school interns will be placed in City departments and offices and will be assigned to various administrative and support tasks, while also participating in weekly workplace and leadership development trainings with PYN. Intern salaries will be provided by PYN and will not be the responsibility of the host department. The minimum weekly commitment for high school interns in the department is 16 hours/week with an additional 4 hours/week spent participating in workplace and leadership development activities on Fridays, outside of the department. These trainings are also provided by PYN.

Department expectations when hosting a High School Intern
- Each intern will be assigned to a supervisor, with no supervisor assigned more than two (2) interns.
- Each intern should also be assigned a mentor within the department (does not have to be the supervisor) who will meet with their intern on a weekly basis. Department mentors may be assigned up to five (5) interns.
- Department must identify space and supplies as well as appropriate work assignments for their intern.
- Department must obtain internet and email access for their intern (if necessary).
- Intern supervisors are required to participate in training in May 2014.
- Department supervisors and mentors must be available to host interns from early July 2014 to mid-August 2014.
- Department supervisors are required to sign weekly time sheets for their intern.

Interview and Selection Timeline
- First week of June 2014: Applicants are interviewed by the Office of Leadership Investment
- Mid-June 2014: Department notification of intern placement
- First week of July 2014: Program Start

Some of this information may be subject to slight changes over the next few months as PYN and the City coordinate this program.