Do you have an Innovation Performance Gap? A free 10 minute diagnostic from
Struggling to understand where you are with innovation and what you can do to close the gap between expectations and delivery? You're not alone; according to McKinsey, only 6% of US CEO's are satisfied with their Innovation Performance.

This high-level diagnostic is a quick way to assess where your COMPANY, BUSINESS UNIT or FUNCTION is with innovation. It's based on almost 20 years of experience in assessing & improving innovation performance.

You will receive a detailed analysis within 7 days and an invitation to to a free 15 min online consultation to talk through the results, identify the critical gaps and understand the importance of each to improving innovation performance.

If you are familiar with how innovation works in your organisation it should only take around 10- minutes to complete. Please be as candid as you can. All responses are confidential and governed by our privacy policy. You may want to invite others from your organisation and compare results, just share the link.

Brendan DUNPHY

PS We use more detailed diagnostic tools as a part of our full client services to better understand your Innovation Culture, Capabilities, IP, Portfolio and risk of Disruption and improve innovation performance.
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