Central COC Help During Covid-19 Quarantine March 2020
This form is for any of our members or anyone you know who needs help with picking up food, prescriptions, creating meals, transportation, etc.  For privacy, your responses will only be seen by a select few who are coordinating the effort. Delivery can be made without any contact to your front door. This form was created by Chandra Clark and will be monitored by a select few in our leadership in the congregation who are trying to help.
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Scott McCown
Please share your phone number or email address you want us to use to contact you?
What are your needs?
Please provide us with a description or your list of needs if they are not listed above.
What is the best way to contact you for further communication and details?
Based on our current situation, what type of streaming capabilities would you have access to in your home?
Do you have any other concerns, questions, or ideas to help us navigate communication better during this time?
Would you be interested in volunteering to help with any services to help others?
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