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Getting to Know Your Family
It is important for this adoption process that we understand where our puppies will go. We take these adoptions very serious and believe you do too!
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Three photos will be required before final approval of this application. These photos must be emailed to
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Our puppies can live up to 11-15 years. Can you make this long-term commitment? *
Pine Meadow Pups requires new owners to commit to contact us if you are not able to continue to care for your dog. Are you committed to returning your puppy/dog to Pine Meadow Pups so we can re-home them if necessary? (You may be asked to pay flight charges for shipping) *
If a flight is required for delivery, a flight is an additional $300-$500 if the puppy is shipped at 8-10 weeks, higher if puppy is older. The shipping includes airfare, crate, and health certificate.

Shipping costs outside the United States and ground transportation delivery will be discussed before the first deposit.

A non-refundable deposit of $700 is required to reserve the puppy you choose, which will be applied to the purchase of chosen puppy.

Balance is due in full before delivery of the puppy. (I will call you 2-4 days before delivery or pickup to collect final payment).

Do you agree to these terms? *
I agree to take my dog to the vet for a complete check no more than 1 week after adoption this dog and will send Pine Meadow Pups the proof of clean bill of health from my vet, and will send a receipt as proof of this visit. I also agree that I will provide Pine Meadow Pups proof of rabies shot and bordetella shot/nasal spray no later than 3 1/2 months from date of birth. A $500 assessment will be charged to you if this is not completed. I will email these proofs to Pine Meadow Pups with puppy name and date of birth in the subject line.

I agree to spay (female) or neuter (male) the puppy between 5-6 months and will send proof of this from my vet by way of receipt. If I choose not to spay or neuter the puppy I adopt from Pine Meadow Pups, or do not comply with sending the proof of spay/neuter in the time frame requested, then Pine Meadow Pups has the right to actively pursue a fee of $5,000 for frees charged for a "breeding dog"

I agree that the dog is being adopted for myself and will not be sold, adopted, or given to another party. If I do any of the above, I agree to pay Pine Meadow Pups the amount that I pass on to Pine Meadow Pups any payment received and all costs to get the dog back safely to Pine Meadow Pups.

I understand that if the dog is killed in an accident while being delivered (plane or auto), Pine Meadow Pups will reimburse you for the money you paid for the dog, but will not reimburse you for the plane ticket, health certificate, crates bought and money paid for driving to/from the airport.

I agree that only under proper supervision the dog will be allowed outdoors. When taking my dog outdoors, they will be on a secure harness and wear proper ID. I also agree that this animal will be a companion animal only, not a guard dog.

I agree that at no time will this dog be kept on a chain or rope.

I agree to care for this dog in a humane manner and to be a responsible animal guardian. This agreement includes adequate food, water, attention and medical care. I also agree to giving proper bedding and covering from the elements. All this will be done at my own expense without charging Pine Meadow Pups for these expenses.

I agree that if at any point I cannot keep the dog, I will return him/her to Pine Meadow Pups without requesting compensation, and I will pay all shipping costs prior to shipment.

I understand and agree that Pine Meadow Pups makes no guarantee about the dog's temperament or amount of shedding, and is not responsible for future damages or injuries caused by the dog.

I agree to contact Pine Meadow Pups if my companion dog needs to be euthanized for any reason, prior to being euthanized (unless the dog's veterinarian determines this is a medical emergency), at which time I will still contact Pine Meadow Pups.

Prior to the dog being released for adoption, I agree to provide Pine Meadow Pups the three requested photos.

I plan to get some level of professional training, or plan on self-training so that this puppy will be a good dog in society.

My plans for this puppy is to spend most of its hours indoors or in adequate kennel. My plan is for this puppy to spend very little time alone, with the exception of my work hours. I plan on making this puppy a part of my family, bringing them places with me.

Pine Meadow Pups has made every effort to provide a healthy, happy companion dog. Pine Meadow Pups is not responsible for any financial obligations that may occur due to the health after adoption.

I understand and agree to these terms. *
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