Holy Name Catholic Church Parish Plan Listening Session
Catholic Diocese of Wichita
Pastoral Plan
All God’s Children will RESPOND to Christ’s call so as to become FULLY ALIVE AS MISSONARYDISCIPLES (Fully Alive as Missionary Disciples)
GO FORTH FAITHFULLY to preach the Gospel to all God’s children and to EVANGELIZETODAY’S CULTURE (Evangelize Today’s Culture)
• Formation in EVANGELIZATION in order to PREACH THE GOSPEL to all people (Evangelization–preach the gospel)
• RENEWAL of the STEWARDSHIP Way of Life (Renewal of Stewardship)
• Renewal of PARISH LIFE and FAMILY LIFE by RECLAIMING SUNDAY as the Lord’s Day
• (Reclaiming Sunday)
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Question #3 What should Holy Name Parish’s pastoral priorities be for the next three years? *
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