Entrepreneur (Student) Signup Form
Are you aspiring to set up your own business? Then we have a program just for you!

What do we offer:
* A one-year diploma course on ICT and entrepreneurship
* Very practical and innovative teaching environment
* Students will do a working/learning trajectory which means that you will earn your school fees while attending the program. So except for the registration fee (to test your commitment) there is no fee payment.
* Exposure yourself to innovative solutions to real problems inspire
Criteria to apply:
* Aspire to become an entrepreneur
* Proficiency in English: both in reading and writing
* Age between 16-25
* Full commitment to the program. You are expected to be available on weekdays between 6 am and 5pm and Saturdays from 6am till 12 am for one full year.
* You will be responsible to arrange your own accommodation and feeding within the Zongo Macheri vicinity
Please read these instructions carefully before filling up the Application Form
A Registration fee (non-refundable) will be charged from each applicant.
The participants should make payment by cash or via Mobile Money after submission of application form. call the contact person below to verify payments

Forms have to be filled in English by the person applying for the program.
Applicant must commit and agree to undertake the training and mentorship program for ONE FULL YEAR. Applicant agrees to partake in ALL training, mentorship sections and activities assigned
To apply, please submit FILLED Application Form and submit to us
The initial selection is based on the answers provided in the application form. Selected applicants will be interviewed for the final selection. Qualified applicants will be communicated to all the participants.
Application deadline: 30th, May 2018
 Dreamivill reserves the right to deny any applicant with a supporting written explanation for disqualification. Any misbehavior by applicant is subjected to immediate dismissal without refund or compensation
For further enquiries:
Mr. Clement Matorwmasen
Dream Village. Zongo Macheri
Box 516, Tamale. Ghana
0247530020 / 0506164617
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