Belmont Public Library Community Survey
Despite dire predictions, public libraries continue to thrive in our complex modern environment. Here at the Belmont Library, we’re always innovating and experimenting to discover the best ways to serve our community. We’re keeping and improving on traditional library services while looking to integrate new technologies and methods. Now we need your help as we plan for the future. Use this survey to let us know what you think about the library today – and what it could become.
How important is the Belmont Public Library to our community?
Of little importance
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Have you used the Belmont Public Library in the past twelve months, either in person or through our online services?
If you do not use the library, or do not use it as much as you would like to, please tell us why.
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Do you support renovation and expansion of the library building? The current library building has not been substantially renovated in the 93 years of its existence. It was built for a population a third the size of Belmont’s current population. We have no more room to grow our collection and programs along with the growing community. Safety and disability guidelines have led to less availability of library services to the community. The town building use committee included the library in its top three renovation priorities.
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What features would you like to see in a future Belmont Public Library? If the library had more space, I would recommend . . .
Do you have other comments or suggestions as we plan for the future of the Belmont Public Library?
Voluntary demographic information
Are there people in the following age groups who live in your household, including yourself?
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