2019 Conference Call for Presentations
This form submits your presentation for consideration at the 2019 Nonpublic Conference: Improving Special Education Services for Students with Complex Needs.

This event takes place Thursday, November 14 - Friday, November 15. Any date/time restrictions must be included on this form. If your session is selected, full registration to the conference will be provided for up to 2 presenters. If you have more than 2 presenters, please asterisk those that would receive the free registrations. If there are two presenters and only one wants free registration, please asterisk the person that would receive the free registration.

Call for Presentations are due June 14, 2019. Announcements of accepted proposals will be provided on or before August 28, 2019.

Presentations are broken into 75-minute sessions. Projectors and all cables/connections will be provided in each breakout room. Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptop to connect to the projector.

Suggested topics include:
• Innovative ideas/the future of education
• Instructional resources/strategies
• Educational technology
• Paraprofessional training/support
• Family engagement
• Assessment
• Leadership
• Culture/climate
• Adult services/post-school options
• Lesson plans/curriculum/grading
• Medical updates
• Classroom engagement
• Behavior intervention strategies and crisis de-escalation
• IEP progress monitoring
• Program outcomes
• Clinical/therapeutic and related service models and approaches
• Special education legal updates/topics
• Public/private partnerships
• Other pertinent special education topics

Questions can be submitted to: admin@proficioconsulting.net

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