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Hi, my name is Sophia Confidential. I created The Vault as a safe space for educators to submit questions anonymously about issues integral to our work. If your question is selected, I’ll provide a candid and concrete response.

Who am I? I am an experienced professional who has worked in a variety of fields, including international education. Having worked my way up through the ranks of organizations of all sizes, I understand an array of issues that may arise in a professional setting. During my years in the field, I wish I had known someone who could give me candid advice. I want to be that person for you. Ask me anything. I’m here to support you in your professional journey, no matter what you’re facing. I’m not HR. I’m not your boss. I’m not your lawyer. I’m not your therapist. But, I AM the person who will tell it to you straight, even if it’s difficult to hear. Chat soon!
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In rare cases, I may decide that it is better to respond to your question privately rather than in a public forum. In case yours is such a question, can I send you a private message? If so, please feel free to leave your name and email. I understand if you would rather not as well, of course.
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Disclaimer: Submitted questions may be edited or combined with similar questions prior to receiving a response. This response is provided for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is not legal advice and should not be used as a substitute for the legal advice or legal opinions of a licensed professional. Contact a personal attorney or licensed professional to obtain appropriate legal advice or professional counseling with respect to any particular issue or problem.
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