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Thrilled you are here! We applaud you for investing in your growth NOW and not letting another single moment, day or year slip by- without actively, courageously pursuing the best you.

Our Mission and Passion, is to develop a safe community which grows the 'faith of a mustard seed', leverages collective minds, diverse backgrounds and deep authentic relationships to break through blind-spots; overcome challenges; identify and pursue our unique passions ... to be the best version of ourselves. Bravely stepping into a life of greatness and leaving  a legacy of impact as we were uniquely, intentionally designed.

In effort to develop and protect the synergies and integrity of the group, each member’s applications will be carefully reviewed by the leadership team. We want to make certain each member is a valuable addition to the group AND the group will be an excellent fit, poised to provide significant value, to each prospective member as well.

Upon receipt of your inquiry we will reach out to you directly to discuss the best group times, availability and your application.
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If we were to talk 1 year after joining the BVU Mastermind and looked back on this day- What would have to happen, over the year, for you to feel positively impacted by this group?
If you had unlimited time & money, how would you do life differently?
What personality tests have you completed? (StrengthFinder, DISC, Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram) Please provide any results or summaries
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