Scholarship Application 2020
Please submit this application with your registration form. All scholarships require a $75.00 deposit and registration fee to reserve your spot for Spring Camp Cheerio. Please note scholarship amounts will vary based the amount of funding we receive. Filling out this form does not guarantee a scholarship will be awarded. Awardees will be notified by 4/30/2020

Scholarships are available for cabin lodging only. All applications will be reviewed by the Spring Camp Cheerio Committee.
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Spring Camp Cheerio has a very limited amount of scholarships available. Please indicate how much you (and your family) need? $ ______ *
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Is this your first time attending Spring Camp Cheerio?
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What classes/workshops are you attending? In order to receive a scholarship attendance is mandatory at camp programming
Please note that all programming options run simultaneously, please plan accordingly on what you will attend for the duration of the weekend.

All sections are required
Type "none" if there is no one in your group participating in a specific section
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