Share your organization's diversity metrics
All answers are anonymous and metrics will not include any personally identifiable information. Additionally, you will have the option to share your results publicly on

This survey will dive into different aspects of your organization's diversity metrics with the goal of helping everyone understand the state of diversity.

We'll ask for some organization-wide demographic metrics across 7 categories. Each section will cover one category at the organizational, leadership, board, and technical level.

If you don't know the answers for some questions or aren't allowed to share them, you can skip those parts.

Why we're asking for your email - to verify accuracy and ensure you can get a copy of the survey results. We might follow up with you if something appears inaccurate or unclear. Your email won't be shared with anyone outside Drafted for any other purpose.

You can opt-in at the end to make your organization's specific metrics are made open, and we encourage you to do so. We'll make the aggregate results public either way.
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