99s PPLI Application Form
The 99s Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative aims to accelerate the advancement of women in all pilot professions, facilitate dynamic mentoring among women professional pilots, and enhance our leadership role in the aviation community. The PPLI provides highly motivated 99s with tools to develop their pilot careers and leadership skills through guided activities and formal mentoring partnerships with women professional pilots.

This application is for NEW PARTICIPANTS (MENTEE). The information will facilitate our selection and mentor matching, and will be shared with your mentoring partners. Complete with care - it takes approximately half an hour.

Please read the PPLI FACT SHEET (downloadable as PDF from the Ninety-Nines website > Resources > Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative) for program outline and application criteria.

Before you fill out this form, be sure that you meet these requirements to apply:
- I am a CURRENT MEMBER of The Ninety-Nines and will maintain my membership throughout participation in the program (at least 18 to 24 months).

- I have started or am preparing for a professional pilot career.


- I have the financial means to fully participate, including:
  * paying
     ~ my 99s membership  
     ~ the PPLI program fee of US$45 (payable all at once or $15/session)
  * securing
     ~ email/internet access
     ~ phone availability (or video call, etc., as applicable)

PPLI Program Fee Scholarship:
We are pleased to offer the possibility for a scholarship for a select number of qualified candidates.  
Please submit a 300 word description of financial need to be considered for a program fee scholarship in this application form.

Submission deadlines: Must be submitted by JULY 31st or JANUARY 31st. We prefer to have your application in by JULY 15th and JANUARY 15th to give us more time to find you the best mentor.

After the application deadline of January 31st and July 31st, upon acceptance to the PPLI, you will receive an email from the PPLI Coordination Team in the FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY OR AUGUST with more information about completing the application process.

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Where did you hear about the existence of the PPLI program? *
Please let us know of anyone you know personally or professionally that is involved in the PPLI. Any information on how you know each other is also helpful. We'll use this when we consider your mentoring pair. You can see current participants here: https://sites.google.com/99ppli.org/ppliteam/coordination-team *
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