Communicating reform - #SupportDontPunish workshop
Changing drug policies and narratives is challenging. Over the last decades, governments around the world (particularly from the Global North) have invested trillions into promoting tough-on-drugs strategies that have been abysmally costly in human terms. What’s more, these have been enshrined into international and domestic law, creating a robust edifice that has only recently begun to crumble.

While our movement is stronger than ever, the supportive evidence-base continues to grow, and public authorities are becoming more vocal, communicating the need for change remains fundamental to build momentum for reform.

This workshop will serve as a platform to discuss how our campaign messages can be strategic and persuasive whilst firmly anchored in our movement's values and sense of solidarity.

Workshop date: Week of 7-11 December [Final date TBC depending on applicants' availabilities]

For more information, visit:

*****Apply by Monday, 2 November 2020.*****
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