Become a member of Society for International Development - SID Israel
Dear Friends,

We would like to offer you the opportunity to join our 107 members from different sectors of Israeli society (civil society organizations, private companies, academic institutions, and governmental bodies).

There are several options for membership:

▪ For individuals: NIS 150 per year
▪ For organizations: NIS 500 per year
▪ For corporations: NIS 1,000 per year

Becoming a member of the International Development Association includes the following benefits:

▪ The ability to join the institutions of SID: the Board of Directors and the Public Council. This right is subject to the approval of the companies at the annual general meeting of the Amuta.
▪ Early exposure to employment opportunities for individuals and opportunities for collaboration and projects in Israel and abroad by direct mail.
▪ Preference of advertisements and professional materials in the advertising channels of SID Israel. These channels
reach 10,000 registered users through social media, and more than 7,000 registered members through direct mailings.
▪ Priority in entering exclusive events organized by Sid Israel, and an opportunity to be displayed at these events.
▪ Preference for eligibility and scholarships for courses, courses and training organized by Sid Israel and its partners.
▪ A permanent page on the Sid Israel website [for organizations and corporations only].

We look forward to seeing you as part of the Israeli development community.

For more details please contact us at:
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