TSEM 102 - Week 2
Welcome back! Watch the videos and answer the questions below to get ready for our second library class on March 14th.  If there are any problems, please use the contact information below.

Kim Miller
Research & Instruction Librarian for Emerging Technologies
Albert S. Cook Library, Towson University

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1) Searching
Learn to construct the perfect search by watching this video from Cook Library!

Formulate the Perfect Search:
Why is it important to try several different synonyms for your key search concepts? *
If you want to find articles about how stress is linked to health, which is the best search statement? *
If you search for "child*" which of the following words will the database search for? *
Check all that apply
2) Cook OneSearch
Watch the videos below to learn more about one of the library's newest search tools - Cook OneSearch.

Cook OneSearch: Books

Cook OneSearch: Articles
Which types of materials can you find in Cook OneSearch? *
Check all that apply
How can you limit your search to show ONLY books or ONLY articles? *
Hint: Describe where you should click
What is one reason you should look at the "Subjects" listed for a book or article? *
3) Questions about Research
Now that you've learned more about constructing a search and one of the library's search tools, what is a question you still have about research?
We'll talk about these during class.
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