Existential Hope: Inspiring the next generation to pursue positive futures
The goal is to create the map of possible futures we wish we could send back in time to our younger selves.

Many young adults who will soon shape our future are plagued by information overload, disillusionment, or disinterest. They are aware of a multitude of systems that should be torn down but have very few positive comprehensive visions to work towards.

We’re creating a living onboarding document for the next generation to get every 20 year- old to have the common map of what’s at stake for civilization, wrapped in a shared experience that allows them to swap their existential angst for existential hope.

After validating reader cynicism by outlining coordination failures and short-termism the primer will argue that history has started again and frame our position as in between a big history and a big future. Different chapters will highlight promising trajectories through nanotechnology, biotechnology, intelligence, cyberspace, biosphere, and space. The primer concludes with a call to action for how to realize those promising trajectories, providing shortcuts to high-impact career paths, organizations, and communities to join.

We started this map at www.existentialhope.com but we'd love to hear from you:
Thinking back, what caused your first excitement for the future? (e.g. an experience, book, movie, conversation, person etc.)
What is your field of expertise/interest ?
What is the most impactful fiction conveying a hopeful future for this field?
What are the most important non-fiction intro resources for learning about this field? (e.g. books, podcasts, websites)
What are your favorite organizations and communities to join and support in this field?
Any comments are welcome here (e.g. name and email if you'd like to stay up to date on what's happening next with this project).
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