Community Group Leader Application
Thank you for your interest in serving as a Community Group leader at Northridge. Community Group leaders are the core of Northridge Church and provide more influence at Northridge than just about any other volunteer role. In our desire to put the right people in this position of leadership we have put together this application process for all those who serve in the Community Group leadership role. Please fill out the following application. If you have any questions about any part of this application or serving as a group leader, you may submit them at the end of this application. We are excited to partner with you for more and better followers of Jesus.
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Group Leader Requirements
I have had a personal, growing relationships with Jesus Christ. *
Please briefly share what is necessary for someone to become a Christian. How would you explain the Gospel? *
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Please briefly share the details of how and when you placed your faith in Christ. *
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I am currently a member of Northridge Church? *
If you are not currently a member of Northridge are you committed to pursuing membership at Northridge Church in the next 6 months?
How long have you attended Northridge Church? *
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Which Community Group do you currently attend and how long have you attended that group? *
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How long have you attended Community Groups at Northridge? *
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I am willing to put forth the time, emotional capacity, and moral discernment to lead a group? *
I am committed to raising up new group leaders? *
I will embody and reflect the values and principles of Northridge and will follow the leadership of its lead team. *
I have read and agree to Community Group Leader Behaviors *
See Behaviors Document here:
I will faithfully attend Northridge on Sundays and intentionally identify and greet those in my Community Group as well as invite others to join my group. *
I will make my Community Group meetings a priority by: 1. Faithfully attending and organizing my Community Group meetings each week 2. Making sure weekly group reminder are sent 3. Overseeing group discussions and prayer time 4. Organizing and sharing facilitation, hosting, snacks, and childcare roles 5. Creating a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment 6. Beginning and ending on time. *
I understand that I am responsible for the care of my Community Group: As a result, I will: 1. Pray for the individuals in my group. 2. Make sure each person in my group is followed up with. 3. Lead my group in providing care for each other. *
I will meet with my coach 2 times each year and attend the Community Group Leader trainings. *
I will work with my coach to multiply my group. *
I will see that our webpage is up to date and that attendance is posted each week. *
Do you have any questions or anything you would like to communicate with the Community Group staff at Northridge?
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