Reduce Male Breast
Do pushups.

Push-ups are a simple yet effective exercise in reducing male breasts as they work only the muscles in that region. You can start with normal push-ups if you're not used to practicing them and move on to more difficult variations that rejected.


Do You Have Gynecomastia?
Normal Push Ups
To do normal push-ups, put your hands on a treadmill a bit wider than your shoulders. Then stretch your legs back to the width of your hips. Remember to lean on your feet's balls, with your legs straight and straight. Adjust your lower back and keep your hips right with your shoulders.

Inhalate in the initial position and breathe out as you bend your arms and go down to the floor. Just come down, so the garden almost touches the ground and then breathes up. Repeat this movement in three sets of 10 repetitions, three to four times a week.

To make a variation of this exercise, place your feet on a bench or one on a ladder, as in the case of rejected push-ups. So rest your arms on the floor wider than your shoulders and keep your body in a slanted position. Make three sets of 10 repetitions, three to four times a week.

Make normal Bench Presses
Bench press is a more advanced exercise you can do in the gym or at home. It is excellent for strengthening pectoral muscles and developing the strength of the arms.

Begin by determining the position of the hands on a bench. Lie down on the bench and pull the rod out of the stand without weight. Lower it slowly to the chest and notice where the forearms are, which should be as vertical as possible during the descent. The handle must be firm and comfortable on the rod during lifting and lowering.

You may want to start the light on the bar and develop gradually. Remember to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and your knees bent at an 80 degree angle. Exhale as you pull the rod out of the cradle and collect your abdominal muscles. Inhale as you descend the bar to the sternum, causing it to float just above the center of the chest. Let it easily touch the chest area and prevent it from biting or touching the surface.

Body Exercise
Then breathe out while lifting the bar to its original position. Start with four to eight replicates and increase this amount over time. You can integrate bench presses into an entire body's exercise routine to strengthen your pectoral muscles.
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